Dear customer,

Normally payments are sorted by your bank and approved after some time, sometimes this is instant  whereas other times it takes even up to 24 hours , please be patient with us, if it does not reach you after 3 business days kindly contact us.


We actually do send our orders in mail form using mail service but non tracked. This means you do not get a tracking number.
But no worries we know it will reach you in a short while provided your address was correct.

We currently only support tracking for orders above €500! You will receive an tracking link when reaching out to us.

Thanks for asking , we do efficiently deliver to your country , so feel free to order with us .

(We do not ship to USA,Canada, Australia & New zealand)

No we do not not use any kind of couriers for our logistics , and thus we only use mail service for our deliveries.
The method has been effective enough no worries.

No, we highly discourage the use of P.OBOX, DHL and and any other pick up points.
If you proceed to provide an address of  a pick up points we shall send but not be liable for any loss.

Fortunately you order with a professional and good seller in us, if you have not received your order and you keep the communication respectful we shall be glad to offer a second shipment at  entirely our cost . However for this we shall request you to kindly find an alternative address.

In the occasion that the reship also does not arrive( a very rare scenario) we shall have to unfortunately part ways as we can not keep reshipping to a same customer who does not receive.

Our Average shipping Extpected time of arrival is :

The Netherlands 2-5 Business Days *
Belgium / Luxembourg 5-10Business Days *
Germany 5-12 Business Days *
France 14-21 Business days*
Rest of Europe 7-15 Business Days *
Great Britain and Ireland 7-21 Business Days *
Middle-East / North Africa 14-25 Business days *
S. America / Asia / Australia 20-35 Business Days *
Sub-Saharan Africa 21-40 Business days *
We do not ship to USA, Newzealand, Canada, Australia

Kindly note that when your order does not reach in the stated range of days

You need to wait an extra minimum of 14 business days before we can offer a solution, this is because normally post service has delay spells and orders get delayed. We  want you to receive your orders but  We do not control the postal services, ultimately it’s in their control how long it takes for your order to arrive.


When you place and pay for an order, we always try to ship your order as soon as possible for us!
We always try to ship your order on the same day as when the order has been paid for.

Depending on the final destination and how busy we are with packaging all orders it can take up to 3 days to get the order out on its way to you.
Please look into the following information regarding shipment times:

Western Europe: 2-10* Office Days
Eastern Europe: 4-14* Office Days
South Europe: 4-14* Office Days
Asia: 6-18* Office Days

* The shipment times can take upon the days specified above, usually its there alot faster.
** We do not ship to the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Sealand.

We do not control the postal services, ultimately its in their control how long it takes for your order to arrive.
Contact our support on [email protected] when your shipment is taking longer then seen in the shipment times above.

We’re working hard on a solution to send out domestic orders with tracking information throughout one of the major shipping companies.
We will update these frequently asked questions whenever we have an update regarding this issue.

We currently only support tracking for orders above €500! You will receive an tracking link when reaching out to us.

We expect to finalise the tracking within a couple of weeks and want to thank you for your cooperation.
Last update: November the 17th


We currently support IBAN and SEPA payments.
Your bank transfer is fully anonymous and never stored.
We increase the safety and anonimity of our banking system by updating our bank information from time to time.

When choosing this method of paying its important to only put in your order number within the payment description.
The proccess is as simple as it can get, send the order money to the IBAN found at the checkout page and include your order number as description.

We currently support both Bitcoins and Monero.
Bitcoins are one of the earliest and most famous cryptocoins out there and weve also implemented this method as payment method.
Monero is  highly focussed on being a private, decentralized cryptocurrency that keeps your finances confidential and secure.

If you are interested in more information regarding either Bitcoins or Monero, we highly advise you to study these guidelines:


Please contact us on: [email protected]

We offer contact through e-mail, you can expect a reply within 24 hours on working days.

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